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Awards Day Criteria
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Awards Day Criteria

January 4, 2017


Program Participation


Requirements for receiving an award will be read to students and parents prior to the presentation of any certificates.

·        Mr. Riddle/Mr. Odom will take on the responsibility of reading out the names of each award recipient during the ceremony.

·        The teacher for each class will hand the certificates to the students as their names are called and they cross the stage.

A script will be provided so that each class will be presented in the same manner.

Award/Certificate Requirements

In order for all awards to be consistently presented based on solely academic performance the following guidelines will be followed by all teachers.

·        ALL teachers WILL provide awards for their classes following the criteria submitted by the committee (except those outlined as exempt).

·        No special awards will be given during the Awards Day ceremony. If a teacher wants to give an award for non-academic achievement, they may do so in their classes but not during the Awards Ceremony.

·        Uniform Certificates will be prepared by the committee members based on the list of recipients provided by the classroom teacher.

Core Class award criteria: English, History, Math, and Science (To qualify for an award in these classes each student will be required to meet the following guidelines.

·        An A, (89.5 or above) for each of the three nine week grading periods. The exam will be excluded. For the last nine weeks the determination for the award will be based on the student’s average at the date of the mid-nine weeks progress report (April 12th). On that day if a student has an A for the class then their name should be submitted for an award.

·        Each teacher will be responsible to provide a list of those students meeting the requirement no later than the end of the day on April 12th. ** Remember only those students with an A for every nine weeks will be eligible for an award, not those who have an A average.

·        E-mail names of students to the following committee members on April 12th.

Core classes

9th grade awards—Mrs. S Holt

10th grade awards—Mrs. L Lindsey

8th and 11th grade awards—Mrs. M Poesy

7th and 12th grade awards—Mrs. Y Odom

Elective class awards—grades 7-9 Miss S Davis

Elective class awards—grades 10-12 Mrs. J. Garrison


·        Letters will be prepared by the committee from the lists provided by teachers and sent to the family of each recipient with the name of the class and teacher who will be presenting the award. Once letters have been mailed, no student may be omitted from the list and no new names may be added. Please prepare lists carefully.

Elective Classes: Excluding Basic Skills (Enrichment) classes.

·        Top 5 per course taught, (not class). If you teach more than one class of a specific subject the top 5 students combined should be provided. These names should be provided in alphabetical order not by highest average. In the event of a tie we will give the top 6. If there are fewer than 5 in the class with an A, submit only those who qualified with an A.

·        No awards will be given to Basic skill (Enrichment) classes due to the high volume of extremely high averages in those classes.

·        No awards will be provided in ACCESS classes since nine week grades are not provided in those classes.

·        Vocational class awards are provided at vocational school and will not be presented during the awards day ceremony. This does not apply to vocational scholarships. These will be provided during the scholarship presentations.

·        No blueprints certificates will be provided during the awards day ceremony.

These guidelines were agreed to unanimously by the committee members and then approved by Mr. Odom and Mr. Riddle. We hope that this will make the Awards Day presentations a little more uniform and possibly cut down on complaints concerning how awards are distributed within our school. If there are questions or recommendations, the committee members welcome the opportunity to discuss these as potential future changes to these guidelines. Contact any of the following committee members if you have questions or concerns: Mrs. Posey, Ext 5062; Mrs. Holt, Ext 5073; Miss Davis, Ext 5082; Mrs. Odom, Ext 5074; or Mrs. Garrison, Ext 5091. You may also discuss problems with Mr. Odom or Mr. Riddle.

Thanks for your support.

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